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Bathroom Storage Makeovers


It seems like there is never enough bathroom storage. If your storage space is at a minimum, there are several ways you can gain the space you need.

Bathroom storage tips...

  • Add double pull out shelves under the sink to increase your storage space two-fold!

  • Attach bins to the inside doors of your cabinets

  • Add shelves or a storage unit over the toilet

  • Insert a wall niche between studs for additional shelving space

  • Use drawer organizers for personal care items

  • Install a countertop storage tower between two vanity mirrors for medicines, toiletries, towels or as a decorative display space

  • Roll up towels or store toilet paper in a basket, wire crate or even a wine rack!

Click right arrows to see closet transformations. You may also click on the images to expand them to full screen. 

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