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Closet Makeovers


Closets are often the first places in our homes that need organizing. We somehow just fill them up without stopping to think about how to organize them or what we need to purge.

Closet makeover tips...

  • Purge clothes at least once a year

  • Use organizer cubbies to keep shoes visible

  • Designate separate areas for dress clothes, casual clothes and workout clothes

  • Sort and hang clothes by color to make it easy to coordinate outfits

  • Utilize organizers for ties, scarves, hats, belts and purses

  • Take inventory of your clothes before installing a closet system to make the most of your space

  • Save steps and keep a laundry bin in your closet

Click right arrows to see closet transformations. You may also click on the images to expand them to full screen. 

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