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How to Declutter Magazines

Don’t you love seeing your favorite magazine arrive in the mailbox? The cover photos are so beautiful and inspiring, and if you're like me you can’t wait to dive in and read all of the articles, tips and advice. However, If you receive several magazines each month, the issues can pile up quickly!

Start by Sorting

To keep your magazines from stacking up, set up a regular schedule such as once a month to go through your house and gather magazines from each room. Sort them into piles by title and those you have read vs. those you want to read. Next, think about why you are keeping them and whether you will realistically take the time to read the issue. Decide which magazines you will keep and recycle the magazines you want to toss. Consider unsubscribing to magazines that you no longer read frequently.

Save Your Favorite Articles in a Binder

Rather than keeping an entire magazine, pull out the articles you want to save and store them in a subject specific binder such as “favorite recipes” or “gardening ideas." Add tabs by category such as, “salads,” “soups” or “container gardens” to make it easier to find a certain article.

“Where Did I Put That?”

Sometimes it is difficult to remember where a favorite recipe is kept, so I created a document with a list of all of my “go-to” meals and where to find them. It includes which cookbook or recipe file it is in or where to find it online. This helps the rest of my family so they can easily find them too.

Save Space and Store Articles Online

Look to see if the article you want to save is already online. If not, scan or take a photo of the article and create a digital file by subject.

If you use Pinterest, create your own boards and upload and create pins with the saved articles.

Magazine Storage Ideas

Baskets are a beautiful and functional way for storing magazines. Because they can contain a limited number of issues, it is easy to see when it is time to sort and declutter them. Use magazine holders on a bookshelf or on your desktop for a more organized look.

Make Magazines a Part of Your Home Décor

Put a small stack of beautiful magazines on a coffee table and place a decorative object or plant on top. Keep a few magazines in your guest room for nighttime reading and update with new issues frequently. Add personality to your home and frame your favorite magazine covers to create a fun wall arrangement. Use a theme featuring favorite sports figures, vintage or travel magazines, historic moments or your favorite hobby.

The Easiest Way to Prevent Magazines from Multiplying

Remember the old rule, “touch a paper only once?” This tried-and-true method works well with magazines. As you are reading your magazine, pull out or scan the articles you want to save, file them, then toss the magazine away. Remember, you will be getting another issue of the magazine soon!

Happy Organizing!



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