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What is Your Organizing Style?

 When it comes to organizing, one style does not fit all.

When meeting with clients, one of the first questions I ask is, “Do you like things put away in cupboards and in desk drawers? Or, are you more comfortable having everything out in plain sight and easy to reach?”

Organizing Style – Everything Out

Are you a person who has several stacks of paper on their desk and yet you know exactly where everything is? If so, "everything out" is your style. Putting a piece of paper away in a drawer often makes you anxious knowing that you might not be able to find it again. There is nothing wrong with this at all. In these situations, it’s best to find organizing products that allow your things to be out in the open, but yet keeps everything neatly organized. So instead of having stacks of paper scattered about, desktop file sorters and vertical wall files like these work really well.

Clear desktop file organizer

Organizing Style – Everything Away

If you prefer to have things put away and out of sight and like to keep your counters clear, you fall into the “everything away” category. For you, having everything out feels cluttered and causes you to feel uneasy or stressed. Again, there is no right or wrong way to organize. The best way to stay organized is to use the style that feels most comfortable for you. For everything away types, products like drawer dividers, shoe organizers and file cabinets work best.

Office desk drawer with dividers

Shoe storage shelves

Installing shelves and pull out drawers like this make a perfect "everything away" storage solution for your closets or pantry.

Bedroom Storage Closet System

Pantry Storage Shelving System

(Photos courtesy of The Container Store)

Once you know what works best for you, half the battle is done! So what is the solution for a household where the husband wants everything out, but the wife wants everything neatly stored away? Compromise!

Luckily, there is a middle ground that works really well in these situations. Great solutions include bins with labels and see-through containers so everything is put away, yet easy to locate.

Linen storage containers for clothing and shoes

Look for baskets or bins with similar styles for a neat, uniformed look. There are unlimited styles and sizes available and they look beautiful displayed either openly on a shelf or tucked away inside a closet. These are great container ideas when you need to meet each other halfway.

Organized office shelving and storage containers for papers, magazines and office supplies

For kids, some of the best storage solutions are bins like these that can be used separately or in cube organizers. Rather than putting everything in one toy chest, separate out their toys by type and use separate bins for each category.

Use small bins with handles to make it easier for kids to take toys out and put them away. For smaller children, use pictures for the labels, making it simple and fun them to learn where everything goes.

Fabric Bins for toy storage

Finding the right organizing solutions for you and everyone in your home is simply a matter of finding out everyone’s organizing style. Once you learn that, tailor your rooms individually using the organizing styles and methods that work best for each person.

Need more storage solution ideas? Check out my Pinterest page for inspiration or contact me and let me help you personalize and organize your space!

Happy Organizing!



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