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How to Control Your Kitchen Clutter

Guilty. I have 24 pitchers in my house. If you’re like me, you probably have a particular affinity for a certain household item. Whether it is teapots, vases, coffee cups, wooden spoons, or salt & pepper shakers, these items can quickly multiply and become a collection.

It’s easy to accumulate stuff over the years. Things are handed down to us, we receive gifts and eventually we forget what we have and lose sight of the essentials that we need.

How can we tame the madness? For seasoned cooks, it can be tempting to get the latest gadget or gizmo on the market. You might consider parting with your older model and handing it down to a family member or donating it to make room for your latest and greatest kitchen accessory.

If you have a love of one particular kitchen tool or accessory, you may want to display them together in a jar or on a shelf. Your collection tells a story about you and what you love. If certain items aren’t display worthy, then it is probably time for you to grab your paring knife and whittle down your budding collection. Follow these three simple rules and get your kitchen under control.

1, 2, 3…You’re Out!

Gain more real estate in your kitchen or any room in your house by using the 1, 2, 3 rule. If you’re like most people, you gravitate to your favorite kitchen tools anyway and disregard the rest. You probably don’t use more than three spatula’s right? Go through your drawers and cabinets and keep no more than three of items like these: spatulas, tongs, wooden spoons, scissors, oven mitts, whisks, cutting boards, colanders and cutting boards.

Aim for 2

Let’s whittle it down even more. Typically, you shouldn’t need more than two of these items: cheese slicers, ladles, can/bottle openers, baking pans (by type), butter dishes, sets of measuring cups and ice cube trays.

One and Done

Okay, this is where you need to be strong and once and for all decide to kindly part with all of the extras and just keep one of these items: ice cream scoop, pizza cutter, garlic press, vegetable peeler, citrus juicer, potato masher, turkey baster, thermometer, crock pot, toaster and waffle maker.

Once you have reduced your kitchen clutter, move on and apply these rules to the other rooms in your house.

What is the one kitchen accessory that you can’t stop accumulating?

~ Kay~

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