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Create Your Dream Office

Is your office working for you?

Or are you a slave to your office? If you avoid your home office because it's piled with mountains of paper clutter, it doesn't have enough desktop space or it becomes a drop zone for everyone else's stuff, it's time to reorganize.

The first step is taking a look at what is working well and where things are getting out of control.

What is your work style?

If it is a shared office space, your work style preferences may be different. Some people prefer to have a spotless desktop and file everything away in drawers. Others function best when they can visually see their papers and files and have all of their supplies at their fingertips. Fortunately, there is a way to accommodate both styles in the same work area.

For "everything put away" types

  • Plan for plenty of hanging file drawers

  • Use drawers and drawer dividers to store office supplies

  • Scan documents and store them on your computer

  • Use cord holders or run cords through the back of your desk to reduce clutter

For "everything out" types

  • Install wall hanging shelves to sort paperwork

  • Use stacked paper sorters for incoming papers, to-do's, and to-file paperwork

  • Use magazine holders to organize notebooks, files and magazines.

  • You can find beautifully designed file boxes and label them for easy access, then store them in a bookcase for a streamlined look

  • Add a bookcase for extra file storage

Office makeover

I recently worked with a client whose home office was in their laundry room. She had a built-in desk that had very little storage space, so we transformed the adjacent closet to provide ample storage for office supplies and files. The closet also does double duty as a storage space for their ironing board!

Here's the "before" picture... is the "after" picture!

Organized Office Closet

These beautiful Elfa Decor shelves from The Container Store worked great. We had to work around a utility box that my client needed to access from time to time and this system allows her to remove and adjust shelves as needed.

Organized Office Shelves

Magazine holders and paper sorters work well for most workstyles. Because they are stackable, they don't take up much desktop space and labels make it easy to quickly find what you need. You can find them in several styles to match your decor. The Bigso collection below can be found at The Container Store.

The Container Store's Bigso Hanging File Box is a great solution for small office spaces.

File Storage Box with Lid

What is one of the most important things you should have in your office?

Your best coworker may be a plant. According to a study by Nursery and Garden Industry Australia, significant reductions in stress were recorded where plants were apart of the office environment. Plants are hard workers. They purify the air, increase creativity and productivity. The study shows that simply adding one plant can significantly affect a person's well-being and performance.

Looking for more home office storage and design ideas?

Take a look at the images on my Ideas & Inspiration Page on my website and visit my Home Office board on Pinterest.

A great home office is a space that does all the work for you.

Take the time to organize your office and include storage systems that make your work more effortless and efficient. Mix in art, books, plants and colors that reflect your personality, hobbies and interests. Make your home office a place that motivates and inspires you!

Happy Organizing!


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