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"One of the things I love most about organizing is the immediate, positive impact it has on my clients. To know that my efforts make their lives easier is the best reward."  ~Kay
Miracle Worker

"Kay helped transform my garage from cluttered mess to clean and organized! I seriously never thought someone would say to me, "You are SO ORGANIZED!" Kay is truly a miracle worker - I loved working with her. She used simple, yet creative storage solutions that not only contain my stuff, but ones that work great for me and my family. Kay can turn your mess into beauty!"

Aleece S.

Helped Me Develop Systems

"Kay has been a wonderful resource in helping this busy mom bring order to a home where the challenges of working a full-time job (and then some) and raising a child have led to clutter throughout the house. She worked with me to develop systems to handle all the paper that tends to build up from school, incoming mail and other sources. She was very flexible with my scheduling challenges while promptly showing up for each appointment. Kay is a wealth of information for organizing solutions for the home that work well with everyday life."

Marlene R.

Accomplished my Organizing Goals

"Kay is very talented and focused on helping me figure out not only next steps but great with her suggestions on our best to accomplish my organizing goals. She is well worth the money and a pleasure to work with!"

Mark P.

Hiring Kay was the Best Decision I've Made

"Before hiring Kay, I hadn't seen the back (or bottom) of my closet in almost 10 years. It was the best decision I've made in a quite awhile. My room lost a ton of weight today, and I feel at least 10 Ibs. lighter. So looking forward to our next session!"

Lori P.

Thorough, Professional & Caring

"As a military wife I can’t tell you how many times I've moved. Usually I have the energy to unpack and put things away quickly and orderly. Every move has been different because I had less stuff as well as less children! Moving to NC was the most exhausting move for me and realized, yep, I sure needed help with organizing all my children’s rooms.

I contacted Kay. She was recommended by a neighbor. She showed up punctual, sweet and very professional. Not only did she organize, but she helped me choose amazing pieces for each room within my budget. She did such a fabulous job. I felt she went way beyond measures. I am so thankful I used her and plan on contacting her to organize my kitchen in the spring.

Amazing organizer, thorough, professional and caring! If you need that little help to declutter, I highly recommend Kay!"

Sasha P.

Stayed Within My Budget

"Kay has been wonderful to work with and I plan to work with her on future projects. Her goal wasn't just to charge more hours to earn more money but to find the best way to work within my budget while still meeting my organizing needs.


I definitely recommend So Organized Solutions, LLC to help with your organization needs."

Renee D.

Wonderful to Work With

"Kay is wonderful to work with. She came up with plans for our master bedroom closet, kitchen and pantries, garage and laundry room closet to name a few. She is so creative and listens to what your needs are. She always came up with several options so it was easy for us to stay within our budget.


Kay gave us stores and websites where items could be found and even assisted with some of the purchases and deliveries as we were still out of town. Everything was done in a timely manner. She has been a tremendous help!"

Nadine B.

Call Kay! You Won't Regret It!

"My garage had been a mess for literally 20 years. I tried to organize it many times, but somehow could never keep it that way. Thanks to Kay, not only can we fit both cars in our garage, we have actually had a party in our garage! We are going to have Kay help us with all those rooms that we just can't seem to get under control. Call Kay! You won't regret it!"

Richard S.

Quality Work & Value

"Kay was thorough and professional throughout our project. She offered thoughtful suggestions, and sped the project along. I rate her highly for work quality, professionalism, responsiveness, value, and punctuality."

Steve M.

A Delight to Work With

"Kay is one of the most organized and efficient people I know (and highly creative too). She is always a delight to work with!"

Susie C.

Created More Space in my Home

"I hired Kay to organize my bedroom closet. My closet was jammed with clothes, workout equipment, suitcases, shoes, hockey gear and a large collection of baseball hats. I was doubtful she could organize all this stuff in such a small space.  Kay tactfully helped me understand what I needed to keep and what would be best to donate. Then, she drew up plans for a built-in dresser, hanging rods, and a cool rack for all my baseball hats.  She also taught me a system for how to hang up and fold my clothes so I can find them immediately. I highly recommend Kay for anyone wanting to find extra space in their home."

Doug J.

My Pantry Went from Messy to WOW!

Kay just organized my pantry and it went from messy and difficult to Wow! Everything in its place and beautiful. It is lovely to see the things you use everyday, and the things you love but couldn’t see before, put together so elegantly. Kay organizes, locates items you need, provides info on stores and websites and is so available to answer questions and guide you through your process. She is such a lovely person on top of all this. I highly recommend Kay if you need any type of organizational help in your home. She does complementary consultations so you can organize as your budget supports."

Deborah M.

Shared Tips to Help Me Stay Organized

"Kay was amazing! She helped me organize my kitchen and closets has a knack for helping you know what to throw away and how to organize things so that you can find them again. Watching her organize was a treat! She shared lots of tips on how to keep it organized so I can maintain it myself."

Linda W.

Personalized Solutions

"I knew we had to do something to fix the chaos in our very busy home, but I was nervous about what I would need to change. And where to start? Plus, my husband doesn't really like change! Kay made the whole process simple and! She asked questions about how my family operates and came up with such clever and interesting solutions that are personalized for us. And they work! Which means that now I work less and I get to enjoy my home again. Thank you, Kay!"

Constance M.

No Project is too Big or Small

"What a difference Kay made in our daily life by organizing our pantry. She is efficient, full of organizing solutions and has a fun, positive spirit! I would have hired her for more areas in our home, but we moved out of state. No project is too big or small for Kay. I would definitely recommend So Organized Solutions for whatever space in your life that could use some organization."

Carmen K.

Listened to my Needs

"Kay is wonderful. She listens patiently to client’s needs and creates a tailored plan just for them. From garage organization to closet cabinetry So Organized helps in so many ways! I highly recommend Kay Jamison and So Organized Solutions!"

Mary Ann Wilson, Broker, Realtor - Next Home in the Triangle

Working with Kay was so Easy

"We hired Kay to help us with an overhaul and reorganization of our garage. Working with Kay was so easy. She is professional and efficient. She is so friendly that it became less of a job and chore and more of a fun time with a friend. Thanks, Kay!!!"

Lisa S.

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