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So Organized Solutions is a professional organization company that helps individuals and families organize their spaces in simple, collaborative ways that ultimately improve their quality of life.

Organization is proven to lower stress levels, bring people a sense of calm and save people time – which we all know is incredibly precious with our attention being pulled in a million different directions.

Lower Stress
Bring Calm
Save Time

So Organized Solutions gives people the skills they need to change the way they live their life, simply by changing the space around them.

About Kay

About Kay 

Kay Jamison, Professional Organizer

Ready to Get Organized?

Give me a call and let's talk about what you need ~ whether it's decluttering, downsizing, moving into a new home, organizing or repurposing a space. Then we can set a date for a free in-home consultation.

During the consultation, we will look at your home together, talk about your organizing obstacles & goals and I will provide you with an assessment and a plan for the entire process. 

Based on the assessment, we will set up a date to start organizing! I love to work together with my clients throughout the process.

Most projects start with decluttering, sorting, then space planning. I can recommend organizing products that will help keep your space organized and I may give you "homework" between sessions to save time and cost. Each project is unique. My goal is to give you an organized space that works best for YOU! 

I started So Organized Solutions because I love working with people to implement creative solutions that work for them. I know I have done my job well when I can transfer organizational skills that give my clients more time to enjoy every space in their home. 

I invite you to learn more about me and how working together to organize your spaces could help save you time!

Why do I love organizing so much?

It's simple:  It gives me a sense of calm.  When things are organized, I'm less stressed and I have more time to do the things I love most.

I love to create.  

Organizing is a fun challenge. It lets me use my creativity to reorganize spaces and find the perfect fit for any situation. I believe my knack for organization came from growing up in a very small home. As the youngest of eight kids and two parents who worked full-time; our three bedroom, one bathroom home was the perfect training ground for learning how to organize in a small space! 


I am passionate about...

Bringing people together and showing them that anything is possible. I enjoy collaborating with and invigorating people to stretch their imagination and continuously improve. I like to put FUN into every project I do.


Small town girl 

I grew up in a small town in Minnesota and my husband's job gave us the opportunity to live in CT, TX, NC and France. We have two wonderful kids and I love running, biking, golfing, gardening, cooking, reading, traveling and hanging out with family and friends.  


How do people describe me?

Energetic, creative, organized, inventive, catalyst, transformative, motivating, enthusiastic, happy, intuitive, fearless, problem-solver.


What’s important ...

I love watching things change and grow and I want to add more to life than I take out. I am an eternal optimist and take pleasure in seeing the positive in every situation and spreading the message that if you can dream it, anything is possible.

Thanks for stopping by – I hope you find some new ideas and inspiration here!  



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