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Top 10 Things Organized People Do

“You’re so organized.” Ever wonder how some people seem so calm and organized while others are running out of breath trying to keep up with all of the to-do’s, kid’s needs, chores and errands?

You may be thinking that organized people don’t have as heavy of a workload or have fewer kids or not as demanding of a job. The truth is, we all have a ton of responsibilities and face similar challenges each day.

Simply put, organized people think differently.

Organized people think in more linear terms and they break down tasks in a series of steps. This allows them to methodically and routinely finish even large tasks quickly and seemingly effortlessly.

They tend not to let things wait until the last minute and allow more time than they think something will take. They plan ahead for big things AND small things. Whether it is a home remodeling project, a vacation or something as easy as making a grocery list. They make lists and keep a detailed timeline to keep them moving ahead on schedule.

The good news is that we are all capable of being the “organized one.” Here are the top 10 things organized people do that keep them looking cool and collected. 

  1. They keep objects in the same room in which they are used.  They assign everything a “home” and store like objects together. This is a huge time saver because it literally eliminates the need to search for things.

  2. They reduce clutter by not owning multiples of the same thing.  Do you really need five spatulas or two ice cream scoops?

  3. They don't keep things "just in case" they may need it in a few years. They don't keep excess inventory in their house. Depending on the value of the object, it may be cheaper to get another one if it is necessary.

  4. They make lists so they have less to remember. They also save and reuse common lists, such as a vacation packing list, babysitter list, pet sitting list, Christmas card list, etc. This saves duplicate efforts and allows them to be more efficient.

  5. They make routines.  They do the same things at the same time and build that time into their day.

  6. They plan ahead.  They plan meals, make a grocery list and shop for the entire week, rather than stressing out every night before dinner time. Consider doing laundry once a week rather than daily so that your laundry room is clear of clutter for the rest of the week.

  7. They set realistic goals for what they can achieve each day. Prioritize what has to be done today and set aside the less important tasks when time allows. They estimate that things will take longer than planned.

  8. They purge items regularly. This makes the decluttering process less time consuming and not nearly as daunting as doing it once a year. They keep a donation box in a convenient place where everyone in the family can drop things in as needed.

  9. They communicate a game plan for family chores and set expectations for what needs to be done. This divide and conquer approach gives them more quality family time and takes the pressure off so one person doesn't carry a heavy load.

  10. They are always looking for ways to save time and steps. If they are going upstairs, they take along something from downstairs at the same time.

  11. They set aside time for themselves each day to avoid getting burned out. Set aside at least 15-30 minutes of “me time” every day.

Try to adopt at least one of these practices in the next week and see what a difference it makes. Then try another one. Soon, you will find you have a lot more time in your day and people will begin asking you how you stay so organized!

Happy Organizing!



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