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The Best Reasons to use Clear Storage Containers

When it comes to choosing storage containers, clear containers are always an excellent choice. Here is a look at the benefits.


You know when it’s time to restock pantry items

Clear containers make it easy to see when you are running low on bulk foods such as cereal, pasta, rice, flour, sugar, crackers and nuts. Decant your dry foods into containers with an airtight seal to give your staples a longer shelf life. Look for containers that stack to maximize your pantry space.


You can find things more easily

Save yourself time rummaging through all of your storage bins for holiday decorations, out of season clothing, blankets or craft supplies. With clear storage bins, you can quickly find your Christmas tree stand or your winter gloves.


Clear containers have a streamlined, organized look

Rather than using a mish mash of storage bins, use clear containers to make your space look cohesive and organized. It can be difficult to match the same color and style of bin as the ones you have now. Down the road, when you need to buy more storage bins, you can always find clear bins.

They are great for kid’s toys and craft supplies

Kids will be able to find the toys they want right away. It also makes it easier to put their toys back where they are done. Adding labels to each bin is always a good idea. For toddlers, I love adding a picture of each category on the label.

You will stay more organized

There is no hiding a mess when you can see everything that is inside the bin. No matter what you are storing, you will tend to keep the contents inside more organized with clear bins vs. colored bins.


Exceptions to the rule

If you are storing large bulky items in the garage, such as tarps, tents, gardening soil or artificial Christmas trees, I recommend using opaque bins of the same color for a more uniform look. Use acid-free archival storage boxes for photos, sensitive documents, newspapers, cassettes, VHS, CDs/DVDs and rare books.


It’s a clear choice. Get organized and stay more organized with clear storage bins.


Happy Organizing!



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