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The Secret to Staying Organized

Do you know the biggest reason people are unable to stay organized? The answer may surprise you!


I can’t tell you how often clients tell me that they are not organized. Obviously, that’s why they hire a professional organizer, right?! However, after I meet them and they tell me all about organizing dilemmas, there is generally one clear thing they are missing and it’s not necessarily organizing skills.


Here’s the answer

It is all about taking advantage of organizational products and systems that can do the organizing FOR you. In other words, if your house isn’t organized or doesn’t stay organized, it’s not because YOU are unorganized, it’s that you need better storage solutions to keep your home neat and uncluttered.


There are plenty of choices when it comes to organizing products, but you don’t have to spend a lot of money on organizing supplies. You may already have excellent storage containers sitting around in your home. Small boxes, clear jars, plastic containers or even stiff cardboard can do the trick!


But Wait!

Before you go looking for storage containers, take a close look at what you have in your cupboards or drawers and consider paring down on the number of items you actually use and need. Do you really need ten sets of towels or sheets? Are you keeping anything, “just in case?”


Here are some of my favorite solutions to make your cabinets, drawers and shelves looking – and staying – beautifully organized.


Clutter Free Cabinets

The nice thing about cabinets is that they conveniently hide things behind closed doors. But it’s no fun to have to claw your way to the back of a cupboard to pull out what you need. Add organizing products that make the most of your space with stair step risers, trays and Lazy Susans like the ones below. If you have adjustable shelves, arrange them so the largest items are on the bottom shelf and space the rest of the contents by height. Categorize pantry items by type (soups, pasta, baking items, etc.) in separate bins and you will find things much more quickly. If you have room to add another shelf, you’ve just gained valuable space!
















(The Container Store photo)


Dazzling Drawers

Say goodbye to the ubiquitous junk drawer and say hello to delightfully divided drawers that you can open and instantly grab what you need. The first step is emptying all of your drawers, purge what you don’t use or need and sort the contents into categories. Give each drawer a name to reinforce what will be stored there. In the kitchen, designate different drawers for baking utensils, stovetop utensils and measuring utensils. In the office, set aside a drawer for paper and printer ink supplies, another drawer for pencils, pens, paper clips, scissors, rulers, etc. The more you can assign "homes," the easier it will be able to find what you need and keep it organized.














 (The Container Store photo)


Stunning Shelves

Shelves are an excellent way to gain vertical storage space. Take another look at your closets, living spaces and particularly garages that have large amount of overhead space that often goes unused and add more shelves. Use containers to keep like items together and keep your shelves looking beautifully organized and functional.








There is something that makes my heart sing when I see a beautifully organized bookcase with baskets and books so simply, but stunningly arranged. It is also refreshing to see drawers and cupboards perfectly divided with smaller bins and dividers. You will literally open them and say, “ahhhh.”


So take it from me – it’s not you, it’s your storage solutions. One of the most important reasons to hire a professional organizer is that we have experience in choosing the containers or systems that will work best for your space. Together, we can start one cupboard, one drawer and one shelf at a time, then sit back and let the organizing products and systems KEEP everything organized for you.

Happy Organizing!




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