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Vision Boards - the Key to Planning Successful Projects & Events

Renovating a home or planning a large event requires keen organizational and visual skills. Those that are successful at communicating their vision lay out their plans so others can see it, feel it, touch it and walk through it before the project is complete.

The benefit of spending extra time on the planning process reduces errors such as logistical problems, timing conflicts, duplicate efforts and goes a long way to guarantee that a project or event will have fewer hiccups along the way.

Image sharing sites such as Pinterest and Houzz epitomize the power of visual imagery. The sheer volume of ideas is overwhelming, but extremely helpful for anyone who wants ideas for planning a wedding, where to travel on their next vacation or remodeling their home.

See the Big Picture with Vision Boards

When I was renovating my house, I scoured these sites and created endless boards with my favorite ideas. However, I found that having all of these separate boards made it difficult to see the overall picture of how each of the rooms would flow together, so I created an old school Vision Board that allowed me look at all of my ideas in the same place. I used a large piece of tagboard and physically “pinned” photos from social media sites and magazines room by room so I could visualize all of the pieces together.

How to Keep Your Ideas Organized and Accessible

While shopping for tile, countertops and window treatments, I could simply pull up my saved pins on my cell phone or tablet and show vendors what I was looking for. However, I found it even more effective to create a binder with tabs for each of the rooms. I took screenshots of my favorite online photos and saved them to separate files by room. I also added vendor brochures, sales quotes, receipts and contact information. This binder made my project come to life and gave me one place to find and share the information and my vision.


Another great feature of a vision board or binder is that you can add notes about what you like about a particular picture.


Vision boards allow you to see your favorite images side by side, making it easier to choose the look you want. 

Include descriptive words that convey the style you are after and how you want the room to feel, such as warm, inviting, streamlined, airy, etc. Use this same method for parties or event planning and include inspirations for the theme, floor plans, colors, and overall vibe you want guests to experience. Keeping these thoughts in front of you will help you achieve the look and flow you are trying to achieve.


Get Organized. Stay Organized.

Taking on any project can be difficult but creating a vision board lets your project come to life. Whether you create an old school vision board or a digital one, you will have more confidence knowing you have the information organized and in one place. It will save you and your contractor or design consultant time when making selections and help you communicate your vision to everyone involved.

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Happy Organizing!




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