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What I Love About Organizing

My kids’ band director has it, my brother-in-law who taught 7th grade Science exuded it and my niece who started a gardening business is fueled by it.


It's passion. They are all intensely passionate about what they do. When I think about the thread that ties them all together, it is their constant enthusiasm, a childlike curiosity and an unending desire to learn more and share their passion with others.


It is so refreshing and pure to see someone putting their trust and energy into pursuing their innate gifts and "taking a chance” on a career doing something they love.


“By doing what you love, you inspire and awaken the hearts of others.”

- Satsuki Shibuya


My passion is organizing. I get incredible pleasure from creating calm out of chaos and sorting out what is useful and meaningful. I get a sparkle in my eye when I know I can create more space even when it appears there isn’t a chance in the world that there will be room for one more can of soup in a pantry.


Seeing the Possibilities

Looking at a space and seeing the possibilities of what it can be, must be what it feels like to be an artist facing a blank canvas or a teacher looking out at his students on the first day of school.


But it is not just the mechanics of organizing all of the pieces in place that excites me, the real joy is in the moment when I see the expression on my client’s face when their room is transformed.


I have had clients who were visibly depressed and anxious at the start of an organizing session and after a few hours of decluttering, they were practically skipping around the house. It is extremely rewarding to help people in that way; to lift a heavy burden off their shoulders and teach them organizing skills that let them relax and enjoy spending time in their home again. Those are the days that make me feel like skipping around the house too!


Reality Check

It is very common to feel anxious, embarrassed or apologetic when a household gets out of control. It happens for any number of reasons: busy work schedules, illness, family situations, stress, lack of time and in most cases, keeping an organized home hasn’t been a priority.


It is very much like getting out of a health or fitness routine or falling behind on yard work. At some point, you need a professional trainer or gardener to get things back on track. An unexpected and welcome benefit to my professional organizing role is that it includes a great deal of coaching, motivating and helping people achieve their goals. Knowing that I am helping my clients save time and form better habits that they can sustain is extremely fulfilling.


“Extra stuff isn't just messy. It could be holding you back from living your best life.”

- Mayo Clinic


Numerous studies have proven that reducing clutter in your home reduces anxiety and stress levels. According to a study by Mayo Clinic, “Objects have the power to do just that. In fact, when working couples gave tours of their homes, women who used more words describing clutter and disorganization also tended to show levels of the stress hormone cortisol, suggesting chronic stress.”


You Know it’s a Good Day When…

It is a satisfying feeling and an honor to help my clients fall in love with their house again and to see them inspired and content with their surroundings. When I share the “before and “after” photos with them, they are sincerely amazed because it is such a tangible experience. There is something magical about discovering an old forgotten family photo that was lost in all of the clutter and then giving it a space to be appreciated again. I love hearing my client’s stories about the belongings that are special to them. My clients tell me the organizing process gives them a sense of control over their environment and a great deal of accomplishment. Giving them a positive step forward motivates us both. That is a very good day in my book.

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Happy Organizing!



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